Pan Pipes Magazine Hails Heaven and Earth: A Duke Ellington Songbook

Music Reviewer Kim McCormick hails Heaven and Earth: A Duke Ellington Songbook in the Spring issue of Pan Pipes. McCormick says, "The interaction between the two artists is comfortable, conveying Ellington’s wide range of emotions, all making the listener feel as though they are included in an intimate setting along with the artists."

[Danielle Talamantes'] voice is supple and powerful, and her rendition of these Ellington songs is brilliant. She is joined by the sophisticated piano performance of Henry Dehlinger. Equally comfortable as piano soloist or as collaborative pianist, this disc proves him to also be a gifted arranger. Together the duo gives a stunning performance capturing the brilliance of these Duke Ellington songs. The recording quality is excellent, and listeners will likely want to spend time playing it over and over again. They will also appreciate the extensive liner notes which are included.

Heaven and Earth: A Duke Ellington Songbook